If you are searching for a game that its gonna make you happy and consume some time we think that an is the right choice for you. It’s really simple to play but the hard part is the ...

The summer is here, and it is getting hot. Many kids, as well as adults, will go on vacation and have some fun in aquapark. There is nothing better than a nice refreshing pool full of water at the end of an amazing water slide. Unfortunately, not everyone can go on such a vacation for various reasons. These kinds of holidays cost money, and if you are short on cash, then you for sure won't have some water sliding fun. But wait, your vacation is not doomed; you can still have fun, virtual fun. You can get your mobile phone and play

About is a mobile game where you play against other players all over the world. The game is funny and entertaining because you are finally having some fun on a water slide. But that is not all you can do in the game. In the game, you need to finish first to be the king of the water slide. Now that is not easy to do because the other 14 players want to do the same. This is not a friendly water slide, this is a race, and there can be only one winner.

The best tactic to win is to kick other players out from the water slide. That is a good tactic, but you would need to kick them one by one, and that takes time. While you are trying to kick them out the first player on the water slide will already be in the finishing pool. A much better tactic is to intentionally jump from the water slide and try to fly to the closest possible slide and in such way cut some path. With this tactic, you can jump from the first position to the first with one simple move. But be careful with this advanced move you can miss the water slide and found yourself out of the game in sand. If that happens, unfortunately, the game is over for you, and you are out of the race.

The game also offers some on the slide items which can help you go faster at ultra speed but also at the same time you need to be careful and avoid obstacles. Obstacles can kick you out of the water slide or just slow you down. Both things will cost you a place or two, and because of that it is best you avoid the obstacles at all cost.

How to Play is a simple game and easy to play. All you need to do is point the finger on the screen, and your guy on the screen will follow it. It takes some practice to be fast and precise with finger pointing but that you will get with experience. The most important part of the game is decision making. You need to decide if you are going to try to kick the player in front of you out of the slide or you want to go past him. Be careful; he may be on a tactic to kick you out. As you can see, the game is simple to play but provides lots of fun, so why don't you try and make some pole positions on this crazy water slide game.